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Last Updated: November 21, 2008 - 10:10 AM

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Goalie Pads - Bauer 6 - Cujo - 33' - $300
For sale is a set of men's Sr. 33' Bauer 6 Goalie Pads.
They are about 6 years old and in good condition.
I am the original owner and paid over $1,500.00 for them.
They have never been stored in a hockey bag and were turned upside down and allowed to dry after every game. They have had additional inner kneepads; new straps with quick connect buckles and new material added in various places including along the seam at the bottom of the pads.
Gary at Just Hockey in Don Mills did all of the repairs and modifications. He's the best!
I'm 5' 7' tall and they fit me perfectly. In bare feet, I measure 19' from the floor to the center of my kneecap.