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The purpose of this listing is encourage teams to take advantage of the many opportunities to compete against teams from other areas rather than entering tournaments and playing against teams from your own league

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Check the girls tournament listing for more information on girls tournaments.

In Ontario, womens divisions are ranked at the AAA,AA, A, BB,B CC and C levels.
Recreational and house league levels are also available.
House league is for beginner teams only!!!!!
No age restrictions, with the exception of players
must be 20 years of age to play in senior recreational.


Hockey for Heart Adult Hockey Tournaments
In support of the Heart and Stroke Foundation of Ontario
Mens, womens and co-ed divisions
For more information email

The Cincinnati Rising Stars will be hosting
the annual Lucky Stars Tournament April 29-May 1, 2011.
In the past, they've hosted up to 16 teams in 4 divisions. 
Tournament website:








From women-in-hockey plaidworks! April 15th '01

I dont know if everyone who has been reading this newsletter about us needing
players for a Tournament that was this Easter weekend in Toronto.Their is so
many ways to tell this story and so many ways to express our thanks we had to
write and tell this story as quick as we could.By using this newsletter we
put together a team of 13 ladies and 1 goalie and away we went.Please keep in
mind we had never met or skated together before this tournament.We took 13
players from several states and thus we were BORN. Not only did we mangage
NOT to have too big of egos and share thoughts and ideas and equal ice time
with each other,AND not to fight,AND have 13 of the MOST wonderful WOMEN
players I have ever met.or coached.( DRUM ROLL..please) WE WON IT
ALL..!!!!!!!!!!!! YES.WE gathered,we met,we BONDED.WE KICKED
CANADIAN BACON..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Our division was a mix of Senior A,B and
C.DID THAT stop us..?HELL NO!!!!!!! We came out BLAZING and never looked
back.Even after playing 5 games is 2 days,and mind you,3 games is one day to
get to the finals.There are so many people to say thanks you to it would take
10 newsletters.My main thanks would be to Bruce Tennant for putting up with
all of our late night worried to the bone phone calls.And to the people who
put up with our constant barrgage of ads we ran on here.And if any of my
girls read this..I AM BOWING.Thank you from the bottom of our
heartsyou dont know how happy you made some people who doubted us and
didnt think we could pull this off.I wish we could have put this feeling in a
bottle and keep it with us always..Remember MaryI believe in you.